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Toast to a Sober New Year: Exploring Dry January Vibes with Our Fave Non-Alcoholic Sips!"

Hey party people! 🎉 New year, new vibes! Have you kicked off January on a different note? 🙌

We're diving into the Dry January scene with all the cozy feels and none of the hangovers! Let's chat about the rise of the sober lifestyle, non-alcoholic wonders like Somm Zero and Sobar, and why it's the coolest trend since sliced bread (or non-alcoholic beer, in our case)!

The Sober Spectrum:

So, sobriety – it's like a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing. Some are going all-in for Dry January, while others are just flirting with the idea of sipping on non-alcoholic greatness permanently. Since launching Somm Zero, many have shared their personal journeys to how they found us, and why they've chosen that non-alcoholic wine or beer - we've felt truly privileged to be a small stop along the way, and appreciate the time everyone has taken. We want to celebrate everyone, and their journey. It's all about feeling awesome, being self-aware, and showing some love to our bodies.

Global Party of Mindful Sippers:

It's not just your next-door neighbor doing Dry January; it's the whole world! 🌍 People everywhere are realizing that the cool thing to do is to be mindful about what's in their cup. Just take a look at your FYP or Instagram feed, it's sure to be filled with Sober Curious and Sober content creators sharing tips and tricks of this increasing trend. And guess what? It's exciting to see and exactly the reason why we started Somm Zero.

Canada, Represent! 🍁

Canadians across the country are totally getting on board with the sober vibe. More Canadians are waving goodbye to traditional booze and opting for non-alcoholic gems - and this was trending before new health guidelines introduced. And here at Somm Zero & SOBAR, we are committed to providing more choice and accessibility without compromising taste! 🎉

All Ages, All Cheers! 🥳

Who says only the young'uns are rocking the sober trend? Not us! Older buds are joining the party too. In Canada, those aged 45 and up are giving a big ol' thumbs-up to the sober lifestyle. Turns out, everyone loves a good non-alcoholic wine or a chill SOBAR moment!

Gratitude, Acceptance, and Inclusion:

At Somm Zero, we're all about celebrating the journey. Whether you're committing to Dry January or rocking the sober lifestyle 24/7, our non-alcoholic wonders like DIVIN, Zeno and Harmons are here for it. Let's raise a glass to thanking our bodies, accepting all the unique paths, and including everyone on this fantastic adventure!

Wrapping up:

As we clink our glasses – filled with the fab flavors from the best in no and low – to a month of sobriety, let's spread the word about the awesomeness of mindful sipping. Whether you're a seasoned non-drinker or just testing the waters, you're in great company. The Dry January and sober curious trend is all about choosing health, happiness, and a life that rocks. Cheers to embracing choice, feeling the good vibes, and having a blast on this fantastic journey! 🥂✨

Don't forget, as part of Dry January, enjoy 15% off at when you use code: DRYJAN15. Offer ends 31st January 2024.

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