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Classic Pinot on the nose! Layered and lifted with red fruits, funky earthiness, spice and savoury notes. Brightness on the palate - sweet red cherry, cranberry and a refreshing acidity complement soft and subtle tannins. A sublime wine representing true value. Would pair well with lamb curry, duck dishes, roast vegetables of grilled salmon.


Leitz Pinot Noir

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    • Flavour/Aromas:  Cranberry, Cherry & Earthiness
    • Details:  Pinot Noir, Low Calorie, No Additives, Vegan
    • Food Pairing:  Lamb Curry, Grilled Salmon, Roast Veg
    • Origin:  Rheingau, Germany
    • Alcohol:  0.5% abv
    • Size:  750ml
  • Leitz is a German wine producer who has long been synonymous with quality, innovation and passion. With a wide range of stunning vineyard sites, largely covering the Rheingau region in Germany, this family winemaking business dates back to 1744, with the current proprietor Johannes Leitz taking the lead in 1985 and contributing to the huge success in the decades since. Alongside the many traditional alcoholic wines in the Leitz collection, Johannes launched his 'Einz Zwei Zero' range of dealcoholized wines, which are crafted with the same care and passion with quality grapes and winemaking. This Pinot Noir, was dealcoholized using spinning cone technology, a gentle low temperature extraction method that preserves aromatics and flavour.



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