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Embrace the art of no & low alcohol: Go beyond simple soft drinks

In a world where personal preferences dominate, the choice of beverage transcends mere taste. It becomes a reflection of our values, experiences, and the pursuit of memorable moments. Research by the IWSR indicates that 1 in 5 no alcohol consumers were brand new to the no and low category. So, what is the motivation to choose the sophistication of a no or low-alcohol beverage over a simple soft drink?

Why no and low alcohol: Driving change

Let's jump into this and explore the complexities and subtleties of experience, ambiance, ritual, and empowerment that make these choices more than just a drink – it makes it a lifestyle.

Experience: Beyond the Ordinary

Multiple glasses of wine, rose and blush
Choice is integral to a great experience

No/Low beverages offer a sensory journey that goes beyond the ordinary. From the nuanced balance of flavors in a low-alcohol wine to the intricate blend of botanical's in a non-alcoholic spirit, that excites the palate and engages the senses.

It's about elevating the drinking experience to new heights, where you can taste each flavor note and each sip leaves a lasting impression.

Ambiance: Setting the Scene

The ambiance of the environment can truly enhance the sensory journey, adding a deeper layer to the complex flavors; the softness of a velvety glass of Pinot Noir or the vibrant bubbles of Champagne. Add to that a sense of occasion, or evening under the stars, it's about creating moments of connection and indulgence, where the setting serves as the perfect backdrop for memorable encounters and shared experiences.

Ritual: Embracing Mindful Consumption

We believe that ritual plays a significant role in the appeal of non-alcoholic beverages, inviting us to embrace mindful consumption. Whether it's the careful preparation of a signature zero-proof cocktail or the cork-popping of a low-alcohol sparkling, no and low exemplify the importance of slowing down and savoring the moment.

Wine Making - Grapes in a barrel
Wine Making - Grapes in a barrel

They remind us to appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into their creation, fostering a deeper connection with what we consume.

In a fast moving world, this allows us to create a sense of presence and intentionality in our drinking rituals.

Empowerment: Making Choices that Matter

Empowerment lies at the heart of the No/Low beverage movement. It's about being empowered to make choices that align with our values and preferences, free from societal pressure or expectation. The growing trend of drinkers who are substituting full strength alcohol beverages, with low and no alcohol has grown to 43%. Whether someone is electing to choose a non-alcoholic alternative for health reasons or simply switching up their flavors and experiences, the power to choose what works best for us is essential.

We have the freedom to craft our own journey and define our own definition of enjoyment. In a world where individuality is celebrated, empowerment is the key that unlocks a world of possibility and discovery.

Here at Somm Zero, we celebrate the art and essence of No/Low beverages. We recognize that they represent more than just a drink – they're a lifestyle choice that embodies sophistication, mindfulness, and empowerment.

That's why we're committed to continue to explore and bring you the finest selection of no and low drinks, allowing everyone to enjoy the the same care, quality and indulgence, regardless of their choice of beverage.

Join us in elevating your beverage experience and embracing a world of flavor, ambiance, and ritual that's truly extraordinary.

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