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A refined and refreshing wine from the birthplace of Chenin Blanc, this classic example provides heady aromatics of honeysuckle, citrus, golden apple, apricot & fresh peach. Acidity drives freshness through the palate, with soft, sweet stone fruit keeping things luscious and lively. Balanced & approachable. A standalone varietal in this 0% category, offering a true point of difference. Perfectly paired with decadent & creamy sauces, seafood and camenbert. Zero alcohol. Quite simply stunning.


DIVIN 0% Chenin Blanc

SKU: 241163
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    • Flavour/Aromas: Peach, Nectarine, Apricot
    • Details:  Chenin Blanc, Low Calorie, Vegan
    • Food Pairing:  Creamy Sauces, Seafood and Camenbert
    • Origin:  Loire Valley, France
    • Alcohol:  0.0%
    • Size:  750ml
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