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This sunset orange non-alc pale ale is fresh, satisfying and full of intense Pacific Northwest citrus & pine hop flavour, with a subtle and nuanced bitter &m charred aftertaste. Named for the iconic Canadian tree, this Jack Pine NAPA encourages you to explore the outdoors. So, pack the cooler with a few cans and get going!

96 Points & Gold Medal at the IWSC Awards, 2023.

4 x 355ml Pack.

Harmon's Jack Pine Non-Alc Pale Ale (4)

SKU: 241186-11
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    • Flavour/Aromas:  Citrus, Pine, Hops
    • Details: Vegan, Sugar Free, Awesome
    • Food Pairing:  Friends, Miss Vickie's Original Chips, Trail Mix
    • Origin:  Ontario, Canada
    • Alcohol:  <0.50% abv
    • Size:  4 x 355ml
  • From the Guys:

    Created in 2021 by Steve Abrams, Rob Doyle and Mike Cuch, Harmon's is on a mission to brew delicious non-alcoholic craft beer. Drawing on our 40+ combined years of industry experience, we've adapted and updated methods used by generations of small brewers to create an innovative way of making non-alcoholic beer. We believe the best way to make great beer is to work within existing brewing frameworks. That means no fancy equipment or special technology is used to remove the alcohol after fermentation. We just rely on clever recipe design and close attention to detail. We're often asked where our name comes from. Well, we named it "Harmon's" in honour of Steve's late mother, Lois Harmon Abrams.


    At the heart of our approach is the belief that great beer needs quality ingredients. It's why all of Harmon's recipes use certified organic ingredients. The result is a core line-up that satisfies a wide range of tastes and offers non-alc brews that even the savviest of craft beer drinkers will love. So for any occasion, at any time, Harmon's gives you the taste and quality you want in a beer – but without the buzz.

    We don't just believe in making the best non-alcoholic beer; we believe in brewing it sustainably. We care about our impact on the environment and our communities and are continuously looking to improve our operations to support both.

    While we hope to create an impact with our delicious brews, we want that impact to be positive not only from a taste perspective, but an environmental one as well.

    SUSTAINABLE SHIPPING - Not happy with the status quo we took the initiative to design our shipping boxes around our cans and holders. This eliminates additional dunnage in the form of excess cardboard cutouts, packing paper and plastic bubble wrap. The bubbles are in our beer - not our packaging. We estimate that this seemingly small step will remove thousands of pounds of excess cardboard from recycling facilities annually.

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC - The certified Organic logo on the side of our cans is not just for show. It’s an indication of our commitment to sustainability by sourcing ingredients farmed without harmful pesticides, GMOs and in-organic waste. We believe it’s a win-win-win situation where great farms lead to great ingredients and a fantastic tasting final product. Try some of our delicious craft non-alcoholic beers and let us know what you think!

    COMMUNITY - We are thankful to be a part of extraordinary families and supportive communities. Those roots help define us, and we are committed to helping them grow and thrive.

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